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Dear Friend,

If you are reading this, it’s fair for me to assume a few things about you (and please... tell me if I’m wrong)...

First of all, I can assume you’re as frustrated as I am with the current state of the dating market… and it’s almost complete lack of pleasant, feminine women.

In the land of pussy-hat wearing, unshaved armpit having, alcoholic, loud, unpleasant, fat, egotistic… and frankly... sluts…

It can be hard for guys like us to find a quality woman to date.

Not just another girl to “pass the time,” but a real, quality woman that you can see yourself with… potentially for years.

Possibly, just possibly… a woman that you can raise your family with. One you can see yourself spending time you actually enjoy

Whether it’s walking by the beach, making love (not just having sex), or just having someone you can trust by your side helping you on your mission toward being a better man.

Someone that you love so deeply, you can’t help but get butterflies when you both look into each others eyes.

Wouldn’t you like a relationship that’s fun, advances you on your mission, and and fulfills you as a man? (No, sex with sluts is not fulfilling, and you know it)

Of course you would. Most men do.

The problem, in this day and age, is that most women are corrupted by the “evil force” of feminism at a young age…

And even successful men are struggling to find someone they can take seriously. It’s not just you.

The fact is…

  • If you are a man who
  • Is employed/in school
  • Isn’t deformed (aka decent looking)
  • Cares about self improvement (94% of guys just don’t care about getting better)
  • Hits the gym
  • Is well-read and interesting
  • There is ZERO reason you should be lacking options when it comes to dating.

The reason you ARE is simple…

You just aren’t setting yourself up for success with women.

You see, for the longest time, I wasn’t either.

In fact, I struggled with girls nearly my entire life (I was a virgin until I was 22). Even going to one of the nation’s top party schools wasn’t enough to get me laid.

There was nothing “wrong” with me… I just wasn’t putting myself in the right positions to succeed with women… and I sure as hell didn’t know the right things to say to them when I had the chance to talk to them.

It wasn’t until I started using my computer engineering background to “hack” the system… and figure out how to consistently get girls coming to me by using a completely repeatable “copy and paste” system that I finally saw results…

And finally lose my virginity.

I’ve been coaching men on dating for the past six years, and in that time, have seen just about every challenge a man goes through when it comes to dating. Whether it’s approach anxiety, escalating with texts, keeping frame in a relationship, or simply not knowing where to find high quality women…

I’ve seen it all.

Because I know how painful it can be to struggle with women, feel like they aren’t “worth” having a relationship, or maybe feel that they will never meet a girl they can potentially raise a family with… and feel the massive mental blocks that struggling with women can cause…

I’ve put together everything I’ve learned from teaching myself and hundreds of other men how to be better with women into a nice little package.

It’s called The Girlfriend Blueprint… and I seriously believe that it is the best product on the market currently. I put my heart and soul into this product… and anyone who simply follows the steps in the program is nearly guaranteed to have a massively improved dating life by the end.

What's Inside?

  • How to meet and approach girls with confidence and poise (girls will be asking their friends if they saw “that guy” when you walk away from the conversation)
  • Why Grandpa’s dating advice doesn’t cut it in 2019
  • How feminism destroyed the current market (and a sneaky trick to get more girls because of it’s wrath)
  • Why you should know exactly how many men your girl has slept with (and how to “diagnose” her quality)
  • EXACTLY where to find high quality girls based on your unique situation (and how to make them chase you based on your “status”)
  • How to “decode” how long she makes you wait for sex (and figure out exactly what type of girl she really is… this is VERY important)
  • Green, yellow, and red flags that are telltale signs if you should keep or leave her
  • Why having money matters (and why “Gold-Diggers” aren’t something you should worry about)
  • How to “win” an argument with your woman (without hurting your position in the relationship)
  • When you should (and should not) be vulnerable with your girl (and why one misstep here can end the relationship)
  • How to know if she’s the one who can raise your kids (probably don’t want to mess this one up, do ya?)

You see, I did my absolute best to make sure this was the product that would ACTUALLY get men results in their dating life.

Because I just launched this course, I don’t have any testimonials. However, I can say that this is far better than my older dating products because I’ve learned so much in the last few years.

Despite the fact that my wisdom is only growing with age, I thought I would let you know how many other men there are that are thrilled to have worked with me.

Here’s what men like you have had to say about my previous products:

Because I want you to get the best possible results (and so you have absolutely ZERO reason to pass on this deal), I’m throwing GFBP in a package with some of my most valuable dating products.

Long Legs and High Heels: Dating In Eastern Europe

This used to be one of my flagship products, and it’s the guide that will take you from being a clueless foreigner to a suave and confident killer in Eastern Europe, should you ever travel there.

I usually charge $20 for this, but I’m throwing into the package today for free.

Alright, here’s the last bonus I’m throwing in. Promise.

Some of you know I used to run a podcast called “The Dating Abroad Podcast.”

It was a premium show and I charged about $1/episode.

In it, I talked about girls, business, navigating foreign visas, and building a true life for yourself in a foreign land.

I decided to take the show out of “jail” and release it to you as a bonus when you enroll in The Girlfriend Blueprint today.

As you can probably tell, I really wanted this to be the most valuable dating product package you have ever seen.

You might be wondering… how much is all this going to cost me?

Good question my friend. It’s important for men to invest their money wisely.

Pricing this was hard for me, because I didn’t want it to be so expensive that the men who need the information couldn’t get their hands on it… and I didn’t want to make it so cheap that the men who bought wouldn’t take the information seriously. (After all, you need some skin in the game to see results)

Before I tell you the price, answer 1 question for me…

What’s it worth to you to have your dating life completely handled?

$1,000? $10,000?

After all, we are talking about the rest of your life here.

I decided to settle on a price a little more than a night out for EVERYTHING listed above…

A measly 188 bucks.

If you are serious about completely overhauling your dating life, finding and seducing high quality women, and ultimately finding someone you can take seriously and date long term…

You need to pick this up today.

The order button is below, and I have a little bonus product waiting for you on the checkout page after you click.

Get started now!

Do you really want to spend another year messing with low quality girls…

...or even worse, alone?

The choice is yours.

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If you just skipped to the end of the letter (don’t worry, I do too) here’s the deal. I’m running a huge promotion on a collection of my best dating products, the primary one being The Girlfriend Blueprint, which is the A to Z guide on meeting high quality women, seducing them, and making them fall hopelessly in love with you. Below are the “cliff notes” so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?
Good question. If you are asking this question… you probably aren’t the right kind of person for this course. I don’t want serial refunders, and I need men who are committed to getting better, not people who are on the fence. There are absolutely ZERO refunds on this product.
How do I know this will work for me?
To be honest with you? As long as you put in the work you will see results from using this product. The only way this WON’T work is if you just buy this product and never apply anything you learned.
Why should I trust you?
I totally understand if you don’t trust me… after all, I’m just an asian dude on the internet. However, my track record is impeccable, and I’d be happy to show you more testimonials as proof if you would like (I didn’t put them in the sales letter because I didn’t want it to be too long)
What if I want to be a “playboy?”
Whether you want to be a playboy or just have one solid girl… you need a system. My system is going to get girls coming to you so you can choose whatever kind of relationships you want.
Is this really as good as you say?
Yes, it really is a fantastic product. I put everything I’ve learned into this course… from conquering that initial approach anxiety to keeping the relationship exciting and fulfilling… and everything in between.
How do I get my hands on this?
Order below.

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